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Thank you for encouraging me in my passion to discover the most beautiful images of our nature and my city! Your purchases contribute directly to the realization of my photographic projects which will allow me to offer you even more unique images and I am very grateful to you! thanks for your support!

Only available in French for now

Quand Champlain rencontre Frontenac

A photographic journey in the heart of Quebec

Capture d’écran, le 2024-04-11 à 08.39.43.png

Mes plus belles photographies de ciels étoilés et de phénomènes astronomiques disponibles en quantité limitée.


My most beautiful photographs of natural landscapes from the air or down to earth!

Greeting cards

Greeting cards with different images of landscapes or wildlife to share!

Wild nature
DSC_4040 copie.jpg

My most beautiful photographs of wildlife in Quebec and elsewhere!

Around the world

This new section of my shop will take you to the four corners of the world through my photos!


Bring Quebec home! Discover my most beautiful selection of photographs.

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