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Colligo Reader is a reliable and practical application that enables you to quickly download web content from your SharePoint sites. Also, with the help of Colligo Reader you have the possibility to access and view events, issues, links, contacts, announcements, tasks and agendas. Note: The application is free for personal use.Folviyar (Atir) Folviyar (c. 588–652) was a Persian Prince of the Sasanian Empire during the reigns of Khosrau II (r. 628–628) and his son Kavad II (r. 628–631). Biography Folviyar was a son of King Kavadh I. He is known for being the commander of the Persian army that attacked and nearly defeated the Byzantine generals Belisarius and Narses in the Battle of Myriandrus, in 590. However, he was repulsed by the Byzantine army, which soon returned to the Persian lands, so that for a brief period, until the Byzantine commander Ariadne withdrew his forces, the Persians held the initiative in the east. He was sent as a governor to the west, presumably to replace Khavad II, and probably occupied Iberia. When Kavad II, who was married to the Byzantine princess Theodosia, was killed in 628 in the palace murder, the Sasanian throne was assumed by Khosrau II, who was married to a daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius. In 629 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Persian army. However, he was easily defeated by the Byzantine-Sassanian forces led by Lopadates under his cousin Mihr-Mihroe. The Sasanian army was reduced to a few scattered units, which was largely because of the sudden Mongol invasion of Iran. Lopadates restored the situation, and quickly occupied Herakleopolis. In 631 Khosrau II fell from the throne as the result of a palace coup and was replaced by Kavad II, his son from his previous marriage. Sources Category:7th-century births Category:660s deaths Category:Generals of Khosrow II Category:Generals of Kavad II Category:Year of death uncertain Category:7th-century Iranian a5204a7ec7

Welcome to the SharePoint.Sites Scripting Host Utility Add-in(SPUIAddIn) for Microsoft Internet Information Server(IIS). Its an add-in for Microsoft SharePoint that can be used for IIS7 for SharePoint 2007 as well as for IIS8 for SharePoint 2010. The spiainfo utility is a command-line version of the SharePoint.Sites Scripting Host Utility Add-in for IIS7. ... the following titles are in the list of the available events in the CIDR Calender control (Default.aspx page): All, Low, Medium, High and Xtra Budget. Description: I have created a CIDR calendar control in the webpart which takes a list of values. But I want to display the events in drop down list and put their value in the listbox control. I already have done this for another calendar control in the same webpart. How can I do this? I can show you my code if needed. I have an existing project and I would like to have it built using Visual Studio and.Net framework 4.0. I would like the project built to be compatible to older browsers. For this project I will be using MVC 4, WebAPI, Entity Framework, Stackoverflow and bootstrap css for website design and I will be using the following controls or libraries: Bootstrap jquery jqueryui knockout knockout-mapping Sortable Lunr Allot I need to include them in the website in the following order (from latest to the oldest). sDNA : is a simple website builder for free. It's a framework that you can use to build sites from your own templates, but also with ready to use packages of templates. It supports: Django: Python framework for building web applications. Wordpress: Open Source content management system for building CMS or websites. Joomla: Open Source Content Management Framework. Stripe: Free payment gateway. Blender (3D): Free 3D modeling, animation and rendering softwares. Xara Xtreme: Free 3D modelling, animation and rendering software. Craft: A Free CMS for creating dynamic websites. It offers: - Free built-in WYSIWYG Editor. - Tons of ready to use CSS templates


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